Student Voice

EDEquity’s “Student Voice” is a video-recorded focus group interview, featuring students from the school, who represent a cross-section of ethnic backgrounds and achievement levels. EDEquity consultants facilitate student discussions around critical aspects of the school culture and the teaching and learning process, including, but not limited to: positive aspects of the school; descriptions of quality teaching and classroom instructional activities; race consciousness and the “achievement gap.”

Student Voice Model

Number of Days


Desired Outcome(s)

Day 1


Understand the Culture

  • Administrative planning
  • Leadership introductions
  • Classroom Walk-thru
  • Student introductions
    Understanding the school culture
  • Review school instructional needs
  • Calendar remaining days of service
  • Identify key students for Student Voice
  • Meet key staff members

Day 2


Working with the students
Student Voice facilitation and Video

  • Develop relationship with student leaders
  • Capture Student Voice
  • Understand student learning styles
  • Use effective data to inform instruction

Day 3 – Day 6



Student Voice video staff development

  • School wide Equity Walks™
  • Use qualitative data to support student learning
  • Identify informative student statements that would support classroom instruction
  • Explore instructional strategies that support students’ learning styles
  • Support department chairs and teacher leaders to identify best instructional practices.