School Improvement Grant

EDEquity, Inc., in partnership with schools committed to transforming their school culture, proposes a three-year comprehensive staff development model, that will address the key principles of school transformation for Closing the Achievement Gap. In addition, EDEquity will provide a comprehensive and focused support plan, designed to create and foster strategies to increase student achievement. The intent of the plan is to enhance schools’ leadership skills that will guide and sustain the promising practices and improve the quality of instruction.

The proposal outlines the key service models that will support the schools’ educational goals and objectives. The service model will illustrate the coherence, congruency, and commitment that are essential for sustainability (Garcia, 2005). EDEquity’s model includes the following: An implementation rubric that will outline an action plan to support four key components to building cultural conscious leadership; Addressing the effective use of data that will initiate courageous conversations to improve classroom practice; Facilitating a deeper understanding of instructional leadership; Developing internal capacity for teachers to lead school transformation.

The Professional Development offerings are research-based approaches and when linked to cultural consciousness, will lead to improved student performance.