Department Chair Institute

In collaboration with the district and schools direction, the Institute will deepen the leadership capacity of key site leaders. The Institute format will allow the teachers, focused time, over the summer to collaborate, design, and plan the following: common assessments, instructional strategies, department instructional goals, effective facilitation skills, use of data, and walk thru protocol; which are key components of the institute. The number of days for the Institute will be designed to work with the Department Chairs for 3 consecutive days a week at the end of the academic school year and 2 consecutive days before the start of 2011 school year. Subsequent training can be negotiated during the school year. The following is the proposed desired outcomes and activities for the 5 modules.

Day 1

Desired outcomes

Participants will …..
Deepen understanding of the current secondary school reform landscape
Understand the Key Principles of Equity
Develop a personal equity lens
Understand CBAM stages
Understand the varied types of data that may be analyzed in determining student learning and teacher efficacy
Develop capacity to engage departments in culturally conscious data discussions

Day 2

Desired outcomes

Participants will …..
Effective use of formative assessments to guide instruction
Deepen understanding of cultural conscious classrooms
Effectively use student data to determine department equity learning objectives (DELO)
Effectively define appropriate data and tools to monitor department learning objectives

Day 3

Desired outcomes

Participants will …..
Develop Equity Professional Learning Communities
Increase capacity to engage departments in Equity Meeting Protocol

Day 4

Desired outcomes

Participants will …..
Progress monitor department level instructional goals
Deepen understanding of culturally conscious instructional strategies
Develop reflective coaching strategies for classroom Equity Walks

Day 5

Desired outcomes

Participants will …..
Design common assessments to be used through the year
Review culturally conscious lesson designs
Calendar key formative assessments