Culturally Conscious Coaching

Instructional Coaching Model

Culturally Conscious Coaching Model integrates the research from instructional coaching and coaching for equity and excellence. District and site instructional coaches (math, literacy, beginning teacher support, content specific coaching, etc…) will gain valuable instructional coaching techniques to support classroom teachers to improve the quality of instruction. The professional development coaching model clearly supports the district’s Equity initiative for building internal capacity to close the instructional and achievement gap. To support the on-going need to close the achievement gap, the Culturally Conscious Coaching model will explicitly provide coaches with direct skills to integrate courageous conversation to support classroom instruction. The participants will gain valuable technical skills in collaborative and reflective questioning to improve classroom instruction.

The participating coaches will enhance their ability to…

Gain a deeper knowledge of how instructional Equity improves standards-based instruction Assist teachers to design and implement culturally conscious lessons to improve classroom management and student engagement Improve collaborative and reflective questioning skills to empower teacher’s instruction Identify the appropriate coaching model to support novice, proficient and master teachers Facilitate small group data teams to develop grade level/subject matter department instructional goals Integrate culturally conscious conversation in the pre & post coaching cycle