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Keynote Services

If you are interested in having Edwin Lou Javius present at an upcoming event, please fill out the information below and an EDEquity associate will contact you within 24 hours. 

Equity in Common Core

The advent of Common Core Standards in American schools, has created a multi-layer awareness for educational leaders. Districts and school sites are now required to demonstrate content, pedagogical knowledge, skills and actions, which will unleash the critical thinking skills of students of color, low income and English learners. 

Courageous Equity Leadership

The training sessions will engage participants with interactive coaching modules, through the Courageous Equity Leadership Toolkit, which will provide theory, application and practice for leading Equity and Excellence. Through the Courageous Equity Leadership Toolkit, the training sessions will guide the participants to the necessary leadership skills needed to close the racial and linguistic achievement gap.

School Improvement Grant

EDEquity, Inc., in partnership with schools committed to transforming their school culture, proposes a three-year comprehensive staff development model, that will address the key principles of school transformation for Closing the Achievement Gap. In addition, EDEquity will provide a comprehensive and focused support plan, designed to create and foster strategies to increase student achievement.  

Student Voice

EDEquity’s “Student Voice” is a video-recorded focus group interview, featuring students from the school, who represent a cross-section of ethnic backgrounds and achievement levels.

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Getting an “A” in Equity School Transformation Model

Support educators in becoming more culturally aware of the students and the community they serve, and how that awareness supports culturally conscious schools and classroom instruction.

Equity Walk™

The Equity Walk™ Protocol is a specifically designed process for classroom observation focusing on student engagement, data collection and debriefing dialogues with the teacher with the intent to eliminate the achievement gap.

Culturally Conscious Coaching

Culturally Conscious Coaching Model integrates the research from instructional coaching and coaching for equity and excellence. District and site instructional coaches (math, literacy, beginning teacher support, content-specific coaching, etc.) will gain valuable instructional coaching techniques to support classroom teachers to improve the quality of instruction.

Data Analysis Protocol

The Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) model is an effective protocol for grade level/department teams to use data to validate instructional strategies. Through an action research approach, educators will develop instructional and measurable plans to solve student achievement problems. 

Department Chair Institute

In collaboration with the district and schools direction, the Institute will deepen the leadership capacity of key site leaders. The Institute format will allow the teachers, focused time, over the summer to collaborate, design, and plan the following: common assessments, instructional strategies, department instructional goals, effective facilitation skills, use of data, and walk thru protocol; which are all key components of the institute.