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School Improvement Grant

EDEquity, Inc. in partnership with schools committed to transforming their school culture; proposes a three-year comprehensive staff development model that will address the key principles of school transformation for Closing the Achievement Gap. In addition, EDEquity will provide a clear and focused support plan to create and foster strategies to increase student achievement. The intent of the plan is to enhance schools’ leadership skills to lead and sustain the promising practices to improve the quality of instruction.

The proposal outlines the key service models that will support the schools’ educational goals and objectives. The service model will illustrate the coherence, congruency, and commitment that are essential for sustainability (Garcia, 2005). An implementation rubric will outline an action plan to support the four key components to building cultural conscious leadership, effective use of data to initiate courageous conversations to improve classroom practice, how to facilitate a deeper understanding of instructional leadership, lastly, how to develop internal capacity for teachers to lead school transformation.

The Professional Development offerings are research based approaches when linked to culturally consciousness will lead to improved student performance.

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Equitable Practices
Equitable Practices

EDEquity's school transformation model is featured in the recently released ASCD DVD "The Sight and Sounds of Equitable Practices." The Key Principles of Equity framework outlines the DVD; which highlights districts and schools from across the country and the impact of implementing Equity throughout the entire school system. The DVD targets 3 levels of the school system (District, principal leadership and classroom practice), and clearly demonstrates how other school systems can implement Equitable Practices.

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What Educators are saying:
  • Our teachers were validated by the students of the instructional strategies we been implementing for two years.
Year I
Attitude and Action

The year I support model’s primary focus is to Assess current practices, protocols and perceptions of the school. In collaboration with the district and school leadership team, EDEquity will Design a professional development support plan to align with the school’s transformation goals and objectives. Based on the district and site assessments and readiness, key instructional training's will be Implemented. The following would be the essential areas of support during year I (but not limited to):

Area of Support
Desired Outcomes
Suggested Training Days
Equity Implementation Assessment
  • Design a year I professional development model
  • Design a district and site Equity implementation rubric
  • Review and assess school practices, protocols and perceptions
2 Days
Site Leadership Training
  • Understand the Key Principles of Equity
  • Develop site infrastructure with comprehensive feedback loops and accountability
  • Equity Walks classroom (classroom observation)
  • Facilitation of Equity Professional Learning Communities
  • Effective use of reflective questioning to “push” instructional practice
4 Days

Key Principles of Equity Transformational Training

  • Effective use of formative data to develop instructional strategies
  • How to integrate culturally conscious elements in lesson designs
  • Implement a classroom walk-through (Equity Walks™)with an Equity lens
  • How to implement the use of Culturally Conscious Teaching™ strategies
  • Develop protocol for grade level/department collaboration meetings
  • Instructional Teacher Leadership Training (Secondary Schools; Summer Institute)
  • Student Voice facilitation (secondary level)
10 Days
Year II
Attitude and Action

The year II model’s concentration would be deepening the Implementation of the key principles of Equity at the different levels of the system. As identified in the year I assessment, a formal Monitoring system would be implemented to measure the frequency, quality and effectiveness of the actions of the participants. Year II would move the Equity work to the site level with the development of site equity teams and site level support.

Area of Support
Desired Outcomes
Suggested Training Days
Site Leadership Team
  • Enhance leadership capacity for school transformation
  • Develop a clear line of support to site levels
  • Assessment of current support structures for leadership development
  • Walk school sites to determine standard of practice for instructional improvement
  • Provide feedback of promising Equitable practices
  • Monitor racial, cultural and linguistic inclusivity at all levels of the system
2 Days
Principal Cluster Equity Learning Walks
  • Develop common language of promising instructional practice
  • Implement common Equity Learning Walk protocol
  • Enhance reflective questioning skills to improve teacher practice
  • Techniques to develop a site culture of critical examination of instruction practice
4 Days

Teacher Level Support

  • Implement Equity Cycle of teacher collaboration
  • Develop Equity Walks with Equity Team members
  • Implement culturally conscious instructional strategies
6 to 8 Days
Year III
Action and Accountability

Year three support would provide deeper implementation of the identified promising practices at every level of the organization. Key data will be collected to Evaluate the implementation and effectiveness of the professional development. Formal communication and documentation will be crafted to institutionalize practices that transform protocols, processes and perceptions.

Area of Support
Desired Outcomes
Suggested Training Days
Equity Team
  • Assess implementation of key transformation elements
  • On-going site level training to transform mind-set and instructional practice
  • Conduct peer visitation Equity Walks
  • Lead Equity professional development
  • Monitor academic progress by targeted student populations
6 Days
Site Level Support
  • Classroom coaching for improved instructional delivery
  • Department Chair instructional support (secondary level)
  • Implement culturally conscious instructional strategies
5 to 6 Days
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